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In this issue, learn three things that could change the game for you career-wise: 1) how to crush your next interview, 2) five people you should ask for informational interviews, and 3) where to buy Merryn's new book!
Order your copy of "Made to Hire: How to Get the Job You Really Want" today!

It's finally here! After a successful book launch event in Portland, Oregon we're excited to announce that Merryn's first book, "Made to Hire: How To Get the Job You Really Want!" is officially available on Amazon . This no B.S. guide on how to get the career of your dreams is full of honest advice, real stories, and proven tactics that will have an immediate impact on your career. Check out a sneak peak below from the chapter on Networking!

Your Checklist: 6 Keys to Networking Like a Pro

  1. A great personal story - What makes you unique, your competitive advantages, and important parts of your story will best connect you to the career you want.
  2. Look the part - First impressions are imperative for the career you want. Make sure you're dressed to impress.
  3. Carry yourself professionally - Not only is it important to look the part, you also need to act the part. Having a warm smile, confident demeanor, and positive energy, makes a difference.
  4. A strong, professional online presence - Your online presence is an extension of your brand. Ensure that you're telling the best story of yourself online.
  5. Tools that work for you - Your toolkit for networking is your resume, visual resume, and LinkedIn profile.
  6. Practice - Networking can feel awkward as you're learning to do it well. The more comfortable you get telling your story and asking questions, the easier it'll be for you to dive into any situation and view it as networking.
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