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What are tech companies looking for when hiring?

This month we sat down with Jenna Fallon-Schindler, Senior Account Manager at Adobe. We talked to her about working in the tech world and what it's like changing industries.  Check out what she had to say ...

Made To Hire: I know your background is on the digital side of sport.  What has it been like moving to a purely tech-focused company like Adobe?  

JFS: I'm thrilled to be on the technology side of ecommerce. I was hired by Magento, a leading commerce platform and we were acquired by Adobe this summer.  My role as Senior Account Manager is an excellent way for me to leverage my knowledge and share with merchants across industries. If you speak with CMO's today, digital transformation is on their roadmap as a priority. With the lines getting further blurred between marketing, digital, and the holistic commerce experience, having the right technology is essential to support consumers. 

Made To Hire: Generally speaking, what do you think technology companies look for in people they hire? 

JFS: Working in technology requires a combination of strong communication skills, complex problem solving skills, and determination. The path is not paved and the road continues to evolve. Consumers are demanding more than brands and companies can keep up. If you want to work in technology, you need to be internally driven to push forward and lead the way.

Made To Hire: More specifically, what advice would you have for someone trying to get into the tech world?  


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