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Landing Your Dream Job Doesn't Have To Be So Difficult
No one said it would be easy to land your dream job or get promoted but it doesn't need to be so difficult.  Over my 18 year career in business and 10 years career coaching, I've learnt how to get what you want in your career faster and with less struggle.  My goal now is to share that knowledge with you.  If you're frustrated with where you're at in your career or if you just know you can be better but don't know how, I can help.  In this month's newsletter, I share insight on how to get into the advertising world, help you crush tough interview questions, and share a simple path for how to write a career plan.
Getting into the Advertising World

This month we sat down with Jim Wood, Partner and Executive Creative Director with AnalogFolk.  Jim works in NYC, which is one of the ad agency's six global locations.  He's a veteran in the advertising world with a roster of past and current clients including Nike, CLIF Bar, jetBlue and BMW.  We talked to him about working in advertising and he shared some incredible advice.  Check out what he had to say ...

Made To Hire: Advertising sits under the broader umbrella of marketing. Why does advertising specifically interest you over any other type of marketing?

JW:  If Marketing is the house, Advertising is the game room. It offers all the toys and tools anyone would need to create unique, emotional and persuasive reasons to engage with a brand.

Made To Hire:  How did you get your break into the advertising world?
JW:  I left school with a degree in Mass Communications / PR and a portfolio of print ads, hand-drawn on tissue paper with marker. I quickly learned that school had prepped me for the business-side of advertising but, as an art director, the craft-side was something I was woefully unprepared for. After a few months of rejections, I was able to talk a small agency into hiring me as a proof reader. During the day, I would read everything from print ads, to collateral to annual reports and during the night, I would work on real projects others in the creative department were too busy to manage. Within three months, I had learned Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark (a predecessor to InDesign) and built enough of a portfolio to graduate away from proofreading.

Made To Hire:  Now being a partner at a big global advertising agency must be exciting. What’s the best thing and the most challenging thing about working for a big ad agency?


Stay tuned for next month's newsletter as we share insights on getting into Nike!
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