Made To Hire helps people move past just looking good on paper to actually getting what they want in their careers.

Started in 2017, Made To Hire brings all the tips and tools it takes most people years to learn and condenses them so you learn how to market yourself for the career you want quickly and easily. Our program starts by helping you define your personal brand, and then teaches you the skills and tools you need to successfully land your dream job.

Dependent on where you live and how much time you have, we have a format that will work for you:



Merryn Roberts-Huntley

Merryn Roberts-Huntley started Made To Hire in 2017. With 17 years of business experience and 10 years of career coaching, she knows how to help you land your dream career. Companies and young professionals call her their secret weapon.

When Roberts-Huntley isn’t running Made To Hire, she’s doing marketing strategy or business development consulting through her firm, FIXX Consulting. FIXX works with sports-focused companies to better connect them with their target consumer.

She teaches marketing at the graduate level at the University of Oregon. She has an undergraduate degree in sociology from McGill University (’00) and a graduate degree in business from the University of Oregon (’06). Outside of work, she and her husband live in Portland, Oregon with their three children and two dogs, and love being active.

I started Made To Hire to give back. I wanted to help more people achieve their career goals by sharing the things I wish I had known early on in my career. I’ve proven these methods over the past 10 years as a career coach and promise you what you’ll learn will change the course of your career.


She has worked for, or consulted with, several global brands and including:

Our Team

Elizabeth Brock-Jones.jpg

Elizabeth Brock-Jones
Online Programs Manager

Elizabeth is a creative and strategic wizard.  She has 6 years of business experience along with two master’s degrees – in business and biomechanics.  Her passion is helping get the right product to the right people. She manages all Made to Hire online courses.

Zach New Picture.jpg

Zach Holland

Registration Manager

Zach is not only incredibly strategic but he’s the guy who gets it done.  He has the management of several local and foreign events on his resume.  He has an undergraduate degree in business and 4+ years of professional experience.  He manages Made To Hire registrations and special projects. 



Clara Stuart

PR Manager

Clara has a unique and distinctive skill-set. She combines multiple years of PR experience working with clients such as Got Milk?, M & M's and Pedigree, with a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Northwestern University. Clara identifies with Made To Hire's mission to help others achieve their personal career goals. She manages all Made to Hire PR Strategies.

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Courtney White

Brand Manager

Courtney is an innovative and strategic storyteller. She has 7 years of business experience along with two undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree in sports product management. Her mission is to improve peoples lives through connecting them to outstanding products. She manages all Made To Hire marketing initiatives including digital and social media. 

Those who’ve worked with Merryn will tell you her methods get results.

Mat Johnson