Choose the online career course that's right for you.

Merryn designed online courses to help people move past just looking good on paper to actually getting the career they want. Our online courses cover 30 videos in just 6 hours that you can watch at your own pace and on your schedule. View all 30 videos in the course bundle, or view one of 4 mini-courses that focus on developing specific skills.


Comprehensive Course Bundle

Access all 4 mini courses in one comprehensive bundle. Includes resume & interview tips, networking know-how, how to get noticed & more!


Master the First Impression

Learn how to establish a strong personal brand, manage your brand, fine tune your business etiquette & more!


Network to Get Hired 

Learn how to navigate the world of networking. Maximize informational interviews and get the most out of professional relationships.


Ace the Interview

Walk into your next interview with confidence. Learn how to craft your best resume, tools beyond a resume, and the most common interview questions.


You've Got the Job, Now What?

Don't accept your next job offer without taking this course first! Learn how to negotiate salary and become a top performer.