Help Your College Student or Recent Grad Get Hired!

Providing tips, and tools students and recent grads need to stand out from other applicants.


Made To Hire, led by Merryn Roberts-Huntley, University of Oregon instructor and marketing guru, helps college students and recent graduates gain the tools needed to get hired now.

The course teaches job applicants:

  • How to make the best first impression

  • How to tell their story most effectively (see sample video)

  • How to develop tools far beyond just a resume

  • How one really needs to handle networking situations

  • How to actually get called for an interview

  • How to ace an interview

  • How to negotiate a job offer

Crafting your story - FREE Video

A well-crafted story makes job-seekers memorable in networking and interview settings.

The "Crafting Your Story" video below is an example of the detail provided in the Made To Hire course.


Students and recent grads need to build their career search toolkit, or face underemployment.

"Between 30 and 40 percent of college graduates are underemployed."

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Since 2010, many college graduates have been happy to have a job - any job - after graduation, however with unemployment becoming a decreasing concern for recent grads, they need to be more selective of the jobs they choose. Lack of work-experience can lead to underemployment, which may have long-term implications on career-growth.

Being able to tell a compelling story, impress during an interview, and negotiate a job offer can ensure your college student or graduate lands the best job possible after graduation. 

Made To Hire is an easy-to-follow video series that your student or grad can complete at his or her own pace, preparing them for the career they deserve!


Job seeker resources

Merryn Roberts-Huntley offers strategic advice for students and recent graduates to prepare them for the job-hunt.

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