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Learn Career-Changing Skills When it Works with Your Schedule.

Over the past 10 years coaching students and young professionals, Made To Hire Founder, Merryn, realized the one skill that many people are missing is the ability to effectively market themselves. It’s not that they don’t have the education or skills to land their desired positions, it’s that they are falling short in actually making their goals a reality.

Merryn designed an online course to specifically address this and help people move past just looking good on paper to actually getting the career they want.  Our complete online course covers 30 videos in just 6 hours that you can watch at your own pace and on your schedule.  The complete course is also offered broken down into 4 mini-courses if you want to buy a shorter 1-2 hour course to focus on developing specific skills.

Topics covered include:

  • How to make the best first impression
  • How to tell your story most effectively
  • How to develop tools far beyond just a resume
  • How you really need to handle networking situations
  • How to actually get called for an interview
  • How to ace an interview
  • How to negotiate a job offer
  • How to fast track your career after you get the job you want
  • And much more!

The goal is for you to feel confident, prepared, and excited to take the next steps to land your dream career.  


Pay just $49.99 and you get access to all 30 Made To Hire career-changing videos. Click the link below to sign up through the Udemy platform.  

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You’ll quickly learn the importance of being prepared and proactive. Merryn will teach you a level of professionalism that will set you up for long-term success if you follow her lead.
— Paul Webber, Digital Marketing Manager / Former Student