Insider Tips for Getting into adidas

This month we chatted with adidas' Women's Brand Marketing Director, Ashley Czarnowski, to understand what a hiring manager at adidas is thinking when looking for someone to join their team.  Check out what she had to say ...

Made To Hire: How and when did you get into adidas?  

AC:  I’ve been at adidas for 5 years.  I was lucky enough to be recruited by an adidas HR recruiter on LinkedIn for a Brand Marketing position in Running.

Made To Hire:  What’s your advice on how people can get their resume noticed when competing against hundreds of applicants for a job at adidas?  

AC:  Work to find that special thing that differentiates you from the competition and highlight it.  Also be sure to tailor your resume to the job description, highlighting the experience you have that directly relates to that position.

Made To Hire:  During the interview process, what do you think the biggest things are that hiring managers look for when considering applicants at adidas?  

AC:  Cultural fit with the company/team, honesty and transparency, and ability to articulate their experience in a way that relates to the position.

Made To Hire:  How important is knowing the company history, vision, and values when applying?  

AC:  It is pretty important.  Doing your research prior to an interview shows your commitment and excitement to the company and role.

Made To Hire:  How would you describe the company culture once you’re in?  

AC:  Collaborative.  We are all very focused on a common goal.  One of the things I love most about adidas is its collaborative culture and the drive to be as creative as you can be.

Made To Hire:  Complete this sentence, ‘You’re a great fit for adidas if you ….

AC:  …. are a team player who brings a unique perspective to the table.’

Made To Hire:  What advice would you have for someone trying to get into adidas?  

AC:  Be patient but persistent.  Meet with as many people as you can to find the best place for you in the company and then make sure you have the skills and experience to reach that goal.

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Merryn Roberts-Huntley