The Connection Between How You Enter a Room and Your Success

You don’t realize it but every time you enter a room you’re making a statement about where you’re going in your career. People quickly reveal themselves as heading down one of two paths. Path 1 = motivated and success-bound. Path 2 = disconnected and disappointed. Which path are you on?  Is that where you want to be?  Let’s explore.

You’ve gotten into a routine of how you enter a room. It’s your way of announcing yourself and it speaks volumes about where you’re going.  

People on path 1 (the success-bound crowd) enter a room ready to connect with others. They walk in confidently, with their eyes forward, and a warm expression on their faces. They greet other people in the room and don’t doubt their right to be there. These are the people others want to work with. These are the people who interview well. These are the people who get hired.  They might have the exact same skills on paper as people on path 2 but they are actually trying and it shows. They are actually letting themselves be seen and opening the door to career opportunities. 

People on path 2 (those likely to be disappointed with their careers) enter a room hiding. There’s no better way of saying it than ‘hiding’. Their heads are down, they are typically deep in whatever screen they can hold onto, and they do everything possible to avoid connecting with other people. And to make matters worse they usually hold this same posture and approach as long as they possibly can while in whatever room they’re in.  Anyone in the room who is on path 1 sees it whether they acknowledge it quietly to themselves or not.  

How you enter a room sounds like a small thing but I promise you it’s an indicator of success.  So ask yourself: which path are you on?  And if you don’t like the answer, you can change it. 

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